Invisibility/ Invincibility

Contemporary cities are made with the visible in mind: the visibility of things, of spaces and of whatever is contained by them. The predominance of visualization (more important than ‘spectacularization’, which is in any case subsumed by it) serves to conceal repetitiveness. People look, and take sight, take seeing, for life itself. We build on the basis of papers and plans. We buy on the basis of images. Sight and seeing, which in the Western tradition once epitomized intelligibility, have turned into a trap: the means whereby, in social space, diversity may be simulated and a trap of enlightenment and intelligibility ensconced under the sign of transparency.
~ Henri Lefebvre, The Production of Space, [1974, 1984, 1991] 2010

Drawing upon sociologist Henri Lefebvre’s idea that space is socially produced, the panel will discuss about how spatial experience has changed over time depending upon the social locations of the urban subject as well as the structural and/or systemic transformations within the existing configurations of city and of nation-state. By situating the panel discussion in the post-Asian financial crisis era, the panelists intend to locate the emergent dynamics of city life in Asia (namely Hong Kong and Malaysia) and to mark those who rendered unregistered, and unrecognized due to crossing systemic edges within existing configurations [yet still exist as a person, a community, a space, or a place in the city] with new language and new analytical lens.


Yuenmei Wong
Yuenmei Wong is a feminist researcher, currently undertaking a doctoral research at the Department of Women’s Studies in Maryland, College Park as a Fulbright fellow. Her current research interests include the emerging networked societies in Asia, digital technologies, transnational queer subject formations, and the social production of space.

Kenneth Wong
An urban nomad who has lived in Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Italy and German for his quest of understanding the relationship between townscape and local culture essence. He is both ADB Scholar and Erasmus Mundus Svholar. Currently he act as founder and CEO of People Ideas Culture 人思文, a social enterprise focusing on cultural programming, place making and CSR innovation.

Sat Oct 22, 2016
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM MYT
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月樹 Moontree House
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